Sunday, October 21, 2012

summer 2012

i miss the blog. and so does my mom. so i'm writing a post tonight for me, my mom & that puppy.
foster had an ok summer. the weather was warm, which is kinda tough for a 90lb brown puppy but we got a kiddie pool so he seemed to enjoy that (more than jason). we went to cape cod for a week in july. house was dog friendly but lake was not (booooooooooooooo) and not much else in cape cod is either. then we also went up to Maine for a half week, which was def more puppy fun-YAY Maine!
here's a pic recap for May-September.....better late than never!
outside fun in rain & sun

pool time!

a visit from fern
 more pool time
 playin' with daddy & J

visiting the river
 boy time & a new toy

 AZ dog day in Ashland

cape cod
dog park

 playin with J at cottage

pool time

maine mini-vaca
ferry beach-cape e

 even better in B&W
 fort williams
 cousin cooper

labor day weekend

now that i look thru the pics puppy had a fun enjoyable summer!
alas that is all over as daddy's work has been temporarily relocated for 2 years and foster can no longer accompany him to his new digs. he is now dog. sigh.
luckily hunting season is upon us and he is getting out more with daddy to be a retriever.
hopefully i can keep up with seasonal recaps since apparently monthly was not working out.
c u at years end......meg


  1. so happy to see the blog back! was just thinking of that brown puppy and his blog!