Saturday, March 10, 2012

a new friend

there have been quite a few changes at daddy's work since i stopped blogging regularly.
most notably, puppy's girlfriend olive (the muppet) passed away last fall. she had a lot of seizures and medical problems. it was very sad. we miss her terribly. RIP muppet.
on top of that puppy's "brother" sabot hasn't been coming in to the office b/c his mom is going to grad school part-time. funny thing about dogs.....they know their own breed and in foster & sabot's case, prefer to spend their time playing with them too. i have never seen foster rough-house and play with any other breed like he does with a fellow lab, especially sabot.
so puppy is missing his besties big time. he's been stuck walking the WMA everyday with just daddy.
on top of all that another one of the office doggies, chance, passed away recently too. chance was not a huge fan of foster but they would walk together occasionally. lucky for foster, chance's mommy laurie just recently decided to get a new puppy! lexi is a border collie mix and a bundle of herding energy. i am told she like to nip at foster's backside and tail, which he does not appreciate one bit. i am sure they will grow into fast friends!
i am so glad he has a new playmate again at work!


  1. Oh Puppy! I'm sad to hear he's lost some friends, but yay for the new puppy to play with. Great pics! Miss you guys- xo