Friday, February 4, 2011

snow, snow & more snow

yeah yeah yeah we've been absent for a while. we're locked in a long, cold, snowy new england winter so there's not much going on. jason & i spend most days hunkered down by the fire in our jammies (maternity leave does have it's perks). foster continues to go to work with daddy & play in neck-deep snow with his puppy friends sabot & olive.
as requested by my BF, who lives in warm, sunny atlanta (altho not so much this winter!), i snapped some pics of the ridiculous mounds of snow that have accumulated on our property so far this winter. i managed to dash outside in my jammies & boots while jason was napping, altho he wasn't when i got back inside-i swear the kid has radar for when i leave his side, even when he's asleep.
notice the buried fence
as usual puppy has immense fun in the snow
spring cannot come any sooner!

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  1. He looks so little in the mounds of snow!