Tuesday, January 4, 2011


although the M family xmas get together was officially scheduled for the 26th everyone was over my brother's house xmas day so we swung by!
baby jason spent the entire visit in the arms of his memere, grampie, auntie k or auntie ang. it was a pretty good day to be a baby!
making funny faces with auntie k
his big brother foster also got quite a bit of love from family too. and on top of that auntie ang's niece stopped by with her puppy bailey! lots of puppy fun ensued...
it was a very merry christmas!


  1. Awww- adorable! Jason is such a cutie and I am glad Foster is feeling better- so scary!! Happy New Year!

  2. Looks like Jason got lots of love and the M family got some good awake time! So jealous! I need a fix soon!!