Friday, May 28, 2010

this year's crop

this year's garden is planted & ready to grow!
trying some new things this year. after having no success with any of my peppers last yr i've moved on to lettuce, onions & snap peas this year.
last fall i tore out a bunch of goldenrod from the front fence since i didn't like it & i wanted to make room for more veggies! a neighbor told me the previous owner used to have tomatoes in the front & my cukes did pretty well out there last year.
so by the front fence are.....
some onions (generously donated by my friend judy)some basiland a 6 pack of slicing cukes (from indian head farm-same as last yr)and in the back in the garden proper are....
6 new varieties of tomatoes (i'll elaborate later this summer if/when they fruit)then (L to R) some red leaf lettuce, parsley, another lettuce plant from judy, some onions & then some onions squeezed in with the newly sprouted snap peaswell that's it for this week!
have a fantastic memorial day weekend! i will be sure to take lots of pics of our holiday adventures for next week! until then puppy says, "stay cool."